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Dharma Relief, March 31, 2020 - COVID-19

Dear Dharma friends,

We are bearing witness to an extra ordinary pandemic and opportunity, something we must face with the "ordinary mind"-the mind of wisdom and compassion. In facing the COVID-19 pandemic, what can we do as Buddhists? Is there a way to work together? We have resorted to our spiritual practice to help ourselves and others, to be calm in times of uncertainty. What can we do collectively, joining our forces as a Mahasangha to help others? Compassionate action lies at the heart of Buddhist practice. Today, healthcare workers are the first response to those who are seriously ill with COVID-19. There is already a critical shortage of medical supplies in hospitals nationwide, and need increases every day, with lag of several weeks before US manufacturers can meet the demand. Through our networks with the help of Dharma Drum Mountain organizations, we are able to import FDA approved masks manufactured in China from a trusted source. I invite you to join the international Buddhist sangha, the Mahasangha, to help procure the resources to help our healthcare workers. The Tallahassee Chan Center is the initiator and organizing entity for this project. Please go to the Dharma Relief Project COVID-19 website (, to donate or volunteer to serve as coordinator for the distribution of masks to hospitals in your area (email us at: Please share this message widely. May you be well and healthy, Guo Gu

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